Youth soccer destination for the South Coast region.

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What is Dartmouth FC?
Dartmouth FC is DYSA's competitive soccer travel program for female and male players from 7-20 years old. Teams play against other town teams that participate in in the South Coast Soccer League (SCSL). The program consists of a fall and spring season. The spring season support teams from Grades 2 - PG +2 while fall supports Grade 3-8 only.

What is the spring season like?
The spring season is comprised of eight games, four home and four away.  Games are scheduled to be played on weekends.  Practices are held at the coach’s discretion. Most teams practice 1 to 2 times a week. Players tryout in October and teams are formed by mid-November. The season starts in late March or early April. View spring specifics.

What is the fall season like?
The fall season is comprised of six games, four home and four away.  Games are scheduled to be played on Saturday afternoons.  Practices are held at the coach’s discretion. Most teams practice 1 to 2 times a week. View fall specifics.

When are the tryouts?
Tryouts are held as needed based on number of players interested. Spring tryouts are completed over the course of two weeks in late October and early November. Fall tryouts are completed in July.

What is the tryout process?
Tryouts are directed by DYSA. Each age group and gender will have a minimum of two tryout sessions. A tryout coordinator is assigned to each group as well as one or more assistants.  The coordinator and assistants complete individual DYSA player rating sheets during the tryouts.

How are teams formed?
Upon tryout completion the ratings for each group are gathered by the group coordinator and an average rating is formulated for each player. Teams are then formed based on the player ratings.

For Grade 2 & 3 DYSA strives to create balanced teams to ensure the best experience for all the players.

Teams at Grade 4 and above are divided based on skill level with advanced players playing on division 1 teams and developing players on division 2.

How are the coaches selected?
Dartmouth FC coaches are all volunteers. Interested coaches are asked to sign up prior to tryouts. Once the sign-up period is completed DYSA evaluates the listing of coaches and determines which coaches are the most qualified based on recognized licenses, years of coaching experience, and their history with the organization.  All coaches must pass a CORI and complete concussion awareness training.

Do teams play in the winter?
Many teams do hold indoor practices in the winter and also participate in non-DYSA affiliated indoor leagues. Team activities during the winter are not covered by the spring program fee. Players are not required to participate in winter activities but are highly encouraged.

Can non-Dartmouth residents tryout?
Yes, the program is open to all players in the surrounding communities. However, non-Dartmouth players are not allowed to displace a Dartmouth player from a division 1 team to a division 2 team or cut them all together. A Dartmouth player is identified as a player who resides in Dartmouth or attends a Dartmouth school. Also, a player that is from a town that participates in SCSL will require a waiver of approval from their town’s program before playing in Dartmouth.

How can I get involved as a coach or volunteer?
DYSA is always looking for coaches and volunteers to assist in improving its programs. If interested in coaching please visit the DYSA website and complete the Coaches Registration form. For all other inquiries please email .