GPS At Home Soccer Series
You can access today’s At Home Exercise here: GPS At Home Soccer Series - Day 2 and see below for the individual exercises for the day.
Technical: Today we look at different skills and moves that you can use to beat a defender on the dribble. Again, all you need is a ball, some markers, and some quick feet: At Home Soccer Series: Day 2 - Beat the Defender
Tactical/Mental: For session 1, we looked at how we want each team across GPS to play. But do you know what formation your team should be playing and what it looks like on the field? Do you know what each position is expected to do in a game? Click the game format that you play t to explore some answers to the questions! 7v79v9 11v11
Physical: How did you do in Coach Chip’s workout on Day 1? Were you able to complete all the exercises? There is always room for improvement in everything that we do. Go through the dynamic warmup and run through each of the circuits again from Day 1. See if you notice any improvements: Day 2 Exercises

by posted 03/25/2020
GPS March Madness Champions - U11 Boys

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