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by posted 09/18/2019
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by posted 09/16/2019
Vipers 5 Year Anniversary

This coming September 2019 marks the 5 year anniversary of the Vipers FC becoming a program offering at DYSA.  Carlos Beloli, the founder of the Vipers FC, did a great job creating this club and we are proud to continue growing the program at DYSA.  I recently asked Carlos to share the history of the club since it is important to understand origins to create a strong future.

“I started coaching for NBYSA in 2002 where I coached my step son Matthew Vidal’s team.  In 2003 and 2004 I coached my step son on a local club team, and during the winter we had a lot of extra players practicing with us.  The head coach said that he wasn’t going to use any of those players on the main team.  I asked him if we could start a team for these unwanted players so I could develop them, he said no.  Fall of 2004 I recruited a few players that played for NBYSA to play indoor soccer.  These players were between the ages of 8 and 10 years old.  We held weekly indoor practices and had 2 indoor teams, we did well indoors.  Spring of 2004 we had 2 teams competing.  We kept holding intense practices throughout the summer 3 times per week.  More and more kids joined our practices and we never turned anyone away.”

This single paragraph reminds us the value of stepping up and volunteering to help the youth.  Carlos continues on will some more historical details:

“From the beginning coach Juan Vazquez always supported me and helped out with practices.  Juan had 3 kids and 2 of them were playing for us.  His daughter Emma Vazquez was the first female player on our team, she played on the boys team and later moved to our first girls team.  At that time many of the Dartmouth and New Bedford players were playing club soccer for clubs in Fairhaven and the Swansea / Somerset area.  These clubs were charging top money.  In 2006 people were hearing good things about the Vipers and also heard about our low cost.  That year Rick Martinez decided to join our club and started his Vipers team, as people heard of this they also come over and wanted to represent the Vipers.  Coach Pat Cook came over and started his and the Vipers first girls team.  At one time Coach Pat had 3 teams representing the Vipers.  It all made sense, we were a low cost local club that relied on volunteer coaches.  We went from 2 teams to about 12 teams in a very short time.  At one time we had 16 teams playing competitive soccer.  The Vipers was the largest club in the area from 2007 to about 2012.  The Vipers club inspired all the other local coaches and clubs to do their own thing instead of traveling to play for out of the area clubs.  We inspired all the great players to come out and coach their kids teams instead of paying thousands of dollars and watch paid coaches coach their kids.”

This is a point we can’t forget.  We can do it just as well, if not better, than the more expensive Clubs,  at a fraction of the price. We just need Volunteers willing to put in the time. 

“In the 10 plus years that I ran the Vipers, I am very proud to say that I never favored any one player because of who their parents were.  I treated everyone the same, and encouraged every Vipers coach to do the same.  One time this boy did not make the team after playing for me for many years.  His parents were very disappointed, and I suggested that their son  join an older Viper team that had a spot open.  I explained that his playing time on this team would be minimal and that he would benefit greatly from this older teams practices.  To my surprise they agreed to stay and stick it out.  The next year he tried out for my team again and made the team, later he became one of the best players on the team.”

Development first has always been at the core of our values.  The wins will come if we focus on development.  A player should be put on the team that can best develop the player for future success. Carlos continued on to describe everything done to keep cost low to make them the most affordable club in the area and how they made sure teams were always progressing. Many coaches came and went but Carlos highlighted the following coaches that had the biggest impact to the Vipers: Juan Vazquez , Rick Martinez, Pat Cook, Paul Amaral, Thomas Murray, Ernie Bettencourt, Luis Almeida, Carlos Chiquito, & James Sullivan.

“Special thanks to Elaine Martinez, her father and mother at The Lusitano Restaurant and Nelson Furtado for running the Vipers Skill Clinic for many years.

Special thanks for the late Steve Pontes of Pontes Excavating for helping me try to get an extra soccer field built. A special thanks to you Mike Fernandes for giving us the opportunity to join the DYSA family, and for keeping the Vipers going strong.

Many people have great memories from playing for the Vipers, and as I can see many more people will be able to say the same.”

So as we approach our 5 year anniversary of hosting the Viper FC, please think of the impact one person, Carlos Beloli, has had on our community.  At the same time don’t wait for someone else to volunteer if you are more than capable to do so.  Volunteers have made Vipers FC and all the DYSA programs be the best in the area, but more importantly have had an enormous positive impact on our youth.  Be part of the positive impact and volunteer.

by posted 04/19/2019